About us

Queen of Herbs was established in 2019 as a pioneer in building a direct relationship between production and export using the accumulation of experience across generations in growing herbs. Today, it is one of the largest herbal suppliers in Egypt. Our company is well positioned to fulfill all of your needs. We attach the utmost importance to the quality and safety of the products we offer. From the very beginning, we have been dedicated to manufacturing high quality products. The company has a young professional team of personnel who control the processes and raw materials, provide customers with high-quality service and make sure to provide the service to meet customers' requirements.


We share our knowledge and experience to optimize our and our customers’ performance.
We seek to be the largest exporter of spices , herbs and seed in the world


Quality, efficiency, reliability and commitment are values deeply rooted in our company that define our corporate culture. Guided by the following principles:
 Employing skilled professionals with expertise in R&D, production and service
Exceeding customer expectations
Striving to consistently improve upon all that we do